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#10. David Deida

His videos teach you to communicate effectively and interpret body language, as well as many other tips and tricks. Good guys get the edge when they learn from Wing. As a woman, she provides men with the knowledge they need to attract, date and get any girl they want. Her vlog covers topics like how to kiss a woman, how to date a stripper and everything else — she has an answer for everything. If you think dating is a game, then Lyons will show you how to bend the rules.

He will teach you to understand the principles of dating and attraction so you can make them work in your favor.

Gina Stewart

Oct 9, A dating coach not only helps you find a date – they also help you become a better person. Train on your own all you want, but these Oct 5, When you play a sport, who helps you get better? Your coach. When you're playing the dating game, a coach can also help you get better.

Wondering how to approach and talk to hot girls? He addresses these concerns and more in countless videos. Some people flip houses, but Lorraine flips men. She takes them from inexperienced and shy to confident and desirable. Her videos can help you transform, too. Tripp is a dating coach who overcame his own unsuccessful attempts at dating. He now helps people gain skills in dating, attracting, flirting, gaining confidence and avoiding the friend zone.

Dating coach

He posts new videos every week so you can discover all there is to know about getting the girl. He wants you to be in control of your dating life, and his videos will teach you how to do just that. This girl will tell you love is not dictated by rules. House offers a way to find the right person right now with no games involved. Both her blog and vlog are filled with awesome advice on everything from gaining confidence to getting over a breakup.

If you want to date a woman, get dating advice from a woman. She has different playlists so you can find whatever you need to know. With a passion and purpose to develop your social and dating skills, Valmont has helped hundreds of men improve their ability to meet and talk to women. He stocks his vlog with quick dating tips, as well as different ways to approach women.

These numerous videos will enable you to free your mind and really focus on communicating with members of the opposite sex. Then I saw more of his videos. Then I saw how students responded to him.

Laurie Davis

She helps them transform their relationships and prevent problems from happening with her proactive approach. Join The Discussion Click here to cancel reply. Personal collaboration is key to this. Neil Strauss sort of abandoned us too. So sometime we need to change their mind also. When she started a new chapter in her life, Thompson wanted to help others do the same.

Being a very analytical person, he breaks down interactions like no other instructor does at RSD. Discovery started the site 3 second rule this year with Mystery , and finally we see some new material from the PUA legend. New YouTube videos from him and Mystery finally push the needle a bit on old techniques, and the master Mystery himself. There is a unique element of personal attention and genuine style visualisation.

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With charm, sophistication and slick conversation, he literally melts away the typical stigma associated with door staff. They simply want him in their venue. Lovedrop always gets shafted in top PUA rankings.

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Lovedrop is a likeable character, and he has one through a personal struggle and transformation from being overweight and undesirable to a guy who can attract the woman of his dreams. Student testimonials for Justin Wayne can be found here. Justin Wayne on Cosmopolitan Magazine. Here is one of his videos where he talked to high profile clients: Tyler Durden, as he is known in the community, continues to evolve and move things forward.

At a time where I learned as much about pick up as I can, I still get insights from his videos and his posts. Furthermore, he is a life coach, focusing on developing technical game, as well as building a life. Beyond his own accomplishments, his company serves as a platform for other coaches to rise on their own, including and not limited to: Simply download copy by clicking below.

What Most Dating Coaches Will Never Admit

So there you have it! Did you enjoy or list? Disagree with my picks? Let out your love or hateful thoughts in the comments section below.

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Over 25, people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter. Simply click on the green button below:. Actually Todd just released a Manifesto explaining all of his game from Open to Close.

Why Game Isn't Real!-Top Dating coach John Keegan-

It would be cool if added to the article. I honored to be on the list. I appreciate the sincere write up as well. I encourage everyone to follow my blog and become Rich, Fit and Confident in Check out my blog The Social Secrets. Best of luck to everyone reading this in your own paths in So I got to say loved the last. I figured with the regular posting, his continuous shock and awe approach to pickup that has rallied the mass and of the release of the PIMP product it would have earned him a spot.

There are no real new comers on there? In the 4 months since splitting from matt davids and the fraternity project jake has moved into London and is now probibly the best pua in that city! Jake taught me when he was one of Davs instructors and was by a long shot the most talented pua I had and have ever come accross, people were even ditching dav to come and watch Jacob in set.

Most coaches in the game transcend at some level, but all these guys started in pickup. Thanks for the list.

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I am a bit surprised not to see Krauser on it, though. It looks like he is taking DayGame to new heights. Are you serious about Tyler Durden?

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RSD coaches never prove they can pick up women. They set some minuscule extract of interactions which prove nothing they can have been kicked out by the drunk chick we glimpse briefly. Glad to see David Dieda on the list. RSD seems to be slowly moving into more holistic stuff atleast Tyler seems to.

Worth checking them out. I think SimplePickup should also be on this list. And they made pickup very fun. You guys should check out simple pickup. Yes, I was surprised not to see any mention of Simple Pickup as well. Agree that TD is the best…but once again no Krauser???