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When the command handler for this code starts, it creates a new thread and contacts the server the server holds the text, image, and code files. At this point, we are interested only in checking for text-based updates, so we use the ContentConnection class instead of the usual HttpConnection class. With the help of this class, we check for the presence of an updatedText.

If such a file is found, we read it, using a DataInputStream, into a byte array and convert it into a string. At any stage, if an error occurs, the error handler takes over. If the file is found, its contents are read, and the contents are not the same as the existing text, we modify the text in StringItem.

We have updated our text! The next step is to see how we can update the image.

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Updating the image is not very different from updating the text. Listing 3 shows how it is done. As you can see, instead of using the ContentConnection, we use the HttpConnection class to update the image. If we find an image and its size is greater than 0, we download it into a byte buffer using a DataInputStream instance.

It is expected that an update process on the server would keep the text file or the image file only if updates were available.

How You Work with Fire App Builder

Of course, user intervention is required to acknowledge the update process and to answer any pre-update questions, as shown in Figure 5. There you can indicate the specifications of your project or an app you have in mind, and send data to our app development experts. It all impacts app development cost and timeline. Fire App Builder lets you build an engaging, high-quality media experience on Fire TV following best practices and techniques — without having to develop all the code yourself. It utilizes pre-packaged building blocks for chat infrastructure as opposed to custom chat solutions.

This would be an offline process and part of the update routines. We could modify our code to notify the user that there are no updates available, instead of letting the error handler handle it. Finally, we come to one of the easiest parts of the update process.

Updating Java ME Applications

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Updating the core code itself or rather, updating the whole MIDlet and its associated files. Why is this the easiest part?

Fire App Builder: A Starter Kit for Java-based Amazon Fire TV and Android Apps

Because by using an in-built function, we can request that the MIDlet update itself. This is useful when you have made several modifications to the code and associated logic and, therefore, non-static data needs to be updated. The downside is that the update process can be network-expensive.

We use the method platformRequest String to update the code itself. This method is provided by the MIDlet class, and it is used to request that the device on which it is running handle the provided URL. For example, if this method is called with the URL of an image, the handling device would need to call up an image viewer to view the image provided by the URL.

By providing a URL that ends in. Of course, user intervention is required to acknowledge the update process and to answer any pre-update questions, as shown in Figure 5. Once the user authorizes the update, the device downloads and updates the code. This process happens without any more intervention from the user or the original MIDlet. Once the update has finished, the old MIDlet is removed from the device and the new one is installed.

After the install, the device will confirm whether the user wants to start the new MIDlet. All in all, the platformRequest String method of the MIDlet class makes it easy for the application developer to provide an in-built update mechanism for applications. On the other hand, if you need to provide a mechanism for updating the entire source code, make sure you follow a valid update process on the server, and use platformRequest String with a URL that ends in jad to provide the updates.

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